The project Più ci penso meno vedo l'utopia. Oltre la democrazia che viviamo, developed by the IUCSA, the IUC's Students' Association, with the contribution of the Students' Senate of the University of Torino. Two workshops will take place in the framework of Biennale Democrazia 2013.

Welcome to the website of the IUC Student Association

We are a non-profit association of students and former students of the International University College of Turin (IUC), Italy, all driven by the interest in the promotion of the critical study of the law in a multi-disciplinary approach and global perspective that puts law, economics and finance in connection with each other and with the other social sciences.

What drives us

The interest for understanding the dynamics that govern global capitalism and its possible evolutions is what drives us in our mission. With this goal, we promote research and discussions in a variety of forms, putting into contact the members amongst them and with the public at large. The scientific and cultural objectives of the Association follow the ones of the International University College. We reject any form of enthnocentrism and we believe in the benefits that diversity and cultural pluralism can bring to the designing of a better wolrd.


The Association is composed of students and former students of the International University College of Turin.


The International University College is a radically new school, where global problems are the foundation where different disciplines meet in approaching professional issues within a genuine connection of an internationally diverse student and faculty body. The IUC features such scholars like Duncan Kennedy (Harvard), Guido Calabresi (Yale), Gustavo Zagrebelsky (Former Italian Chief Justice), Ugo Mattei (Hastings, Turin) as Academic Coordinator. Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen sits in the IUC Advisory Board. Chairman of the IUC Board of Directors is Stefano Rodotà , President of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.